Makeup FAQ

What is Airbrush Makeup?

A new way of doing things…​
​Airbrush Makeup application is a revoluntary way to apply makeup with out actually touching the face, making it the most sanitary form of makeup application. A fine mist covers the face in a soothing procedure that instantly diminshes fine lines, conceals any blemish and seals out moisture.
Airbrush foundation is lightweight and most wearers love the fact that they cannot feel their makeup!
Airbrush Makeup can withstand heat, sweat and tears.

What are the benefits of Airbrush Makeup?

Flawless finish every time!
Flawless 16 Hour Makeup without a cakey feel? No longer reserved for movie sets and celebrities – you too can have on location Airbrush Makeup! The High Definition [HD] Standard. Specially formulated to cover any imperfection including tattoos, scars, strech marks, birth marks, and blemishes. Airbrush Makeup leaves the skin looking younger, smoother and healthier!

Is Airbrush Makeup right for me?

Airbrush Makeup is perfect for all skin types and for every age.
Perfect for: Weddings, Prom, Birthday Parties, Pictures, Pageants, Girls Night Out and every occassion you want to look your best!